Thursday, 30 April 2009

Queens Day, It's an Orange thing!

Unlike any other day, today is Queens Day in the Netherlands. That means little stalls or Marché aux puces everywhere on the streets with junk, hidden vintage bargains, people dressed in Orange and partying. It's a celebration held nationwide in the honour of the Dutch queen, Beatrice every 30th of April. I've an annual tradition of leaving the house early around 9 or 10 O'clock on this bright day, because then you are assured of some good buys waiting for you. I met up with a friend of mine, Amna and we had begun our hunt through a rather empty street filled with junk yet to be taken away. I had stopped to put my shades into my 'sac a dos' and by coincident I'd laid my eyes on a black leather briefcase covered with a layer of dust decaying away next to a pile of old books and a few FM radios. As I couldn't ignore this connoisseurs piece, I decided to buy this for a stunning price. Moving on we walked and walked and wondered were all the stalls and people were. Not long after this illusional thought we had, we were hit by a wave of people, not to mention many waves yet to come. The weather wasn't so bad either (20 degrees). We came to an halt as our hunt couldn't be progressed because of the crowd. We looked around and were stunned to see how many young adolescents were selling typewriters. Probably stolen from their grannies and grandpas, but for nothing as no one was buying them or looking at them besides us.

Eventually after a small hour we were in the city centre where another few waves hit us. I was getting pretty exhausted as the briefcase didn't particularly have a featherweight. I was about to loose my temper and I was close to pushing someone walking in front of me with my heavy briefcase but then I saw the ultimate black leather hand bag for men, which I had been looking for weeks on end, lying peacefully next to a smaller brown leather bag which eventually was bought by Amna after getting over the disappointment that the black bag belonged to me. I was kind enough and offered to share the bag if needed. After three hours we were pretty much dead to the world, especially now that I was carrying three bags instead of two. Did I mention they were all leather bags? We drank some mango smoothie to rehydrate and prepared ourselves for the trip back home. On the way back we were interviewed by some random radio-station which I've had never heard of, about the cheerful day and we saw some nice things which we bought such as, a brand new converse shirt,a pair of pants + shoes and some jewellery. That's what I call bargain-hunting! When I came home highly satisfied, I heard some awful news on the telly of some loony trying to assassinate the Queen and her family with his suzuki, but didn't succeed. He did manage to kill eight people and injured many. To see some footage visit Such an inhumane world we live in! At last it had become a gloomy black day.◆


Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Jakob Hybolt


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Flora by Gucci Commercial Has Super Powers

“Foremost in our minds was a desire to avoid the heroine being perceived as passive or dreamy. We wanted to portray the female as an active character who brings to life in an active way the Flora personality by controlling the nature around her. We also felt it was important to demonstrate a movement of the female from mademoiselle to empowered woman; a woman initially delicate and feminine transforming into someone stronger and more powerful. “

When I checked out my friend's blog, the material boy, I saw one of the most unusual and complimentary commercials for the new fragrance of Gucci, Flora directed by the legendary Chris Cunningham. The flowery atmosphere that has been created along with the fiery sun, the beautiful Australian model Abbey Lee and the soft voice sensuously arousing all senses. It seems like if she is possessed by the devil, but in this case it's the fascinating odour she inhales which makes her loose her consciousness. As if this sweet poison has embraced her soul and is in control transforming her into a flower among thousand of others abounding her. This commercial reminds me of the book Perfume, which I'm reading currently, very mystique though! In total there were 20.000 flowers used to create the film field. ◆

“The main drive was to create a deep poetic feeling rather than something simply romantic, a word that doesn’t fit in the Gucci code. The choice of using Chris Cunningham fit perfectly with this concept,” says Ruini. “Chris added a lot to the original idea, making the whole project more majestic and cinematic. We strive to give as much creative space as possible to great directors that are involved in our projects so we avoid setting limitations at the outset. Chris developed the initial storyboard by adding his own principles and aesthetics.”


The Coco Duffel Tote

For seasons on end, the It-Bag has been hunted for. Finally there is a new arm candy, Coco Duffel bag by Alexander Wang on the block to be carried. So simple yet fierce to be combined with anything as it's leather.' This studded tote has dangerously seduced people to fall prey for, especially since Mary-Kate Olsen and Julia Restoin Roitfeld have been seen carrying this must-have. Start saving people because the bag will be available coming july for roughly 900 dollars, which I think is ridiculous price for such a bag. It's particularly not worth the price! For pre-orders visit Good luck Guys!◆


Monday, 20 April 2009

Saturday, 18 April 2009


After ages I had left my pityful darkness to be lit by a shopping-spree to satisfaction. My friend Babette and I were amazed to see such variety of new products, shops, faces and so much more. It had been such a long time ago since we have been out of the house to mince down the streets of Rotterdam city. After the first shop, our stomachs hungered for food feeling peckish. Babette introduced this very cosy place called The Urban Espresso Bar where cosiness abounded us while we consumed. It was rather soothing. I would definitely recommend mint tea, organic espresso, home baked cake and banana smoothie, a thick, smooth drink of fresh pureed with yogurt containing some honey, which sounds dodgy but deceptively delicious. The UEB has weekly changing specials, check out the blackbord inside for this weeks delicious special. It's definitely worth a visit.◆


Wednesday, 15 April 2009


The movie Chéri starts in early 20th century Paris, France. It's a take-over of an homonymous novel by a french novelist Colette that tells the story of a remarkable affaire between Lea, a rich and exceptionally beautiful courtesan, and Chéri, the young adolescent, the son of an old colleague and rival Madame Peloux. Thanks to Lea this spoilt unexperienced young man learns to love but after six blissful years her mother sets him up with Edmee, the daughter of another rich courtesan named Marie Laure. Whilst parting approaches, Lea and Chéri make peace over war with their situation. However the roots of their easy-going luxurious life lie far more deeper than they hold. When they slowly start to realise how much they mean to each other, it's already too late. See the trailer on◆


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

By Joost Vandebrug


Chanel no.5 commercial

After having read countless times in magazines, on blogs and you name it, the announcement of the new Chanel No.5 commercial spot featuring Audrey Tautou and Travis Davenport, there are finally teasers released. The five-year-old spot featuring mademoiselle Nicole Kidman, is now replaced by a new one. The commercial will premiere may 5th on

As boy with problems describes it: ''The theme is missed encounters between strangers — played by Tautou and model Travis Davenport — as they ride the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul. There is no dialogue, only the vivid color imagery Jeunet is known for: as Billie Holiday's "I'm a Fool to Want You" plays, he lingers outside her train cabin, and later, in Istanbul, she misses the riverboat he is on, only to photograph him on deck from another ship later.  Finally, they meet, embracing atop a mosaic of Chanel's double-C logo.''


Sunday, 12 April 2009

Classy boy

An old but awe-inspiring photoshoot of Ryan Taylor.


By Sally Mann!

I was admiring Sally mann's incredible photographs depicting such innocent adolescence, reality and emotion. Shame on those that don't know her! She is an American photographer who foremostly takes large black and white photos of her young children and landscapes. You guys should check out her photos.


Ryan Taylor come back!

I was gasping in shock when I had one of my frequent visits to modelhommes, to see whether Ryan Taylor, one of my favourite male models, has made its come back. Not expecting joy and excitement to experience, after the traumatic shock of having to miss Gemma Ward for god know how long more. Atleast one of them has returned! You can tell Ryan has grown into an adult, a real Ice King. To be continued...


Ash and Eliza in Anthem #38