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Dreamlike, Martin De Thurah

''I don't think I've reached what you could call conclusions, and why should I?'', ''In my work I've looked inside several existential states of mind but you never stop learning about the world and trying to become a part of it, part of the universal understanding.'', he says.

The Danish artist on  feature films and director of music videos and short films, Mister De Thurah is trying to  move on  from his childhood sentiment taking the nostalgia with him. The action director has just finished his most recent disturbing dark promo called ''When I grow up'' for Fever Ray's. His work consists of eerie memories from his youth. Two of his short video's: Young Man Falling and We who stayed Behind (do watch these two!), which have flabbergasted everyone. I liked Young Man Falling very much. His short movies express the troubles and joys of adolescents. So clear, fresh and crispy. His artistic vision has truly mesmerised me. However I don't really like his latest film compared to his previous one. 

''I've been working with ideas around youth and identity for about three years now,''says the softly -spoken de Thurah from Copenhagen. ''I find the turmoil and mess you're in when you start growing up endlessly interesting. It's crazy battle being young which makes for some juicy material as a director- happy tears, loving laughter, red cheeks, suicide, girls breasts starting to grow, not really''  


Sunday, 22 March 2009

Interview, Pete Doherty!

An emotional and truly captivating interview with the thirty-year-old rocker, Peter Doherty, by Craig McLean. He comes clean about his distanced relationship with his father, his breach in relation with top model Kate Moss and he tells us why it's great to be straight. For the full interview check out guardian website.

"I really shouldn't talk about it," he mutters in a cracked whisper. "Because really and truly, I miss her. And I'd like to speak to her. But the first part of speaking to her probably would be just not to talk about her. And that's one thing I've got to learn. But I need to talk to people so badly about it, because it's something that's so confusing for me still. But I can't. Because the only person really I can talk to would be her."


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 Miu Miu, Fall RTW 09 collection

'' The mirrors reflect a sense of displacement in today's fashion, a lack of clear vision.'' -Miuccia Prada-


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Twilight Prom!


Freezing IRE, Shamrockshore!

Recently I was away to Ireland on a class trip. We stayed at host families in Malahide next to the coast, just outside Dublin, however we were to be found in Dublin nearly every day. It was great fun being away from Holland for a week, but it was so cold. I have literally shivered for an entire week, firstly because of the weather and secondly because in Ireland they apparently never put on their heating. They had dodgy chocolates  with a so-called humorous jokes on it. Try to guess this one: ''Who is the favourite aunt of a penguin?'', (*see answer below)

On one of our daily outings we went for a walk on the cliffs in Howth with a group of about forty people. I didn't expect this to be a problem but apparently it was. The higher we got the more scared I got. There was no fence and there were different paths leading somewhere I had never been. The path we were walking on, in fact all paths were very small, there was no place for two people to
 walk next to each other. Suddenly I didn't dare to walk any further, the path just got smaller and I could see myself lying dead down there on the rocks. I asked my friend Renee to walk in front of me, so she did. She was filming the scenery while I sat down on a small rock. ''We should hurry, the group is almost gone.'', she said. I said: ''There is no hurry relax''. It's not like we're going to get lost on a cliff'', not knowing that the following moments would be terrifyingly dangerous. I literally took baby steps. Now there was no one in sight anymore of our class. We didn't panicked but did speed up our journey to catch up with the group. But the path got smaller until there was no path. Reversing our journey a couple of meters back we remembered seeing three different paths, choosing the wrong one apparently. We decided to go back, but the weather suddenly got very bad. It became windy and it started raining cats and dogs while at the same time hailing. The muddy paths became very slippery making it very likely for us to fall into the sea right next to us. We had no telephone, no protection against the stone-hard hailstones that stung our faces. We were abandoned, miserable, wet, terrified, hungry and exhausted. All murky we walked back to the beginning of the cliff, slipping a few times. We waited in a pub called 'The Summit Inn' for someone that was descent enough to go back and look for us but no one came. We sat in front of the window scared to be caught in a pub and sent home, in hope of a miracle. We tried to make a phone call, but stupid enough neither of us had by coincident  brought any money. We were desperate at this point. We observed the waitress, who didn't look mean though. We had put up our most sad faces and puppy eyes struck by despair and asked whether she could help us call the school, as it was the only number given to us. The school wasn't much of a help as it advised us to come back to Malahide and then suddenly the line went dead. By now hours had passed by and the hard rain had turned into a few drops which fell upon the window in front of us. We decided to take a bus and go back home. We waited another hour as four buses drove by with 'No Service' on them. Finally we took the fifth one and went back home with an exciting story to be told. 

The most enjoyable day was the care-free Sunday. I went to Dublin with two of my friends, Hermidone, Jethro, to do some shopping and visit Temple Bar on my request, as it is the most renowned spot in Dublin. We walked through the narrow side streets of Temple Bar on old paving-stones that are still there. I was looking for some vintage shops because I was advised to visit: Eager Beaver, Wild Child and Harlequin. I must say they had no contribution to make to my wardrobe. Foremostly it was crap that was being sold. There were maybe one or two things that my eyes caught sight being a professional bargain hunter, but unfortunately those two things: a black hat and a woolen scarf already were in my possession, probably of a better quality. I felt sad not being able to go to Harlequin as it is always closed on Sunday's. So I'd say Dublin is not the city for vintage shopping. After the big disappointment we went to Topman, Urban Outfiters and a few other shops to do some real spending.▪


*answer: Aunt-Arctica

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Unhealthy foot binding fantasy.

When I witnessed the latest show of  Ninna Ricci Fall ready-to-wear 09 on youtube, I was fascinated by the gigantic tall creatures that graced on the catwalks with no expression on their faces, not even in the slightest degree. Not to mention the heel-less laced-up platform ankle boots, sickle shaped at the back. How innovational this might seem, I have seen shoes similar to these. The idea derives from the concept that was introduced by Marc Jacobs, namely turning the heel sideways and it has slowly evolved into a heel-less shoes by Antonio Berardi. Now Ninna Ricci comes along elongating the heel-less shoe in a different coating. 

It's claimed that you can't wear these shoes for a long time, obviously as all the pressure is on your toes. You'd feel pretty much a horse wearing this extreme extravaganza on your feet but it did definitely add drama to the spectacular collection of the Ninna Ricci show



Sunday, 15 March 2009

by Hedi Slimane

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Coco Chanel en cinema.

Gabrielle Chanel, better known as mademoiselle Coco Chanel is brought back to life, reincarnated in the lovely Audrey Tautou, which we all known from Amelie, in a recent movie called: ''Coco avant Chanel'' The movie or better described as a costume drama portrays Coco Chanel in her early years. We follow the life of a young adolescent Gabrielle Chanel to a glamourous lady in mesmerising Paris, France. 

The story starts in the early 20th century. Gabrielle was like many others, poor, had no connections and no education. She resists poverty and chases after her dream of becoming a seamstress. Gabrielle uses her natural ability of sewing as a weapon and shield to shackle her descent. She designs a style that is different from all the others and is still remembered and still fashionable hundreds of years later and hundred yet to come I'd say. Her designs become symbolic for independence and elegance. 

Whilst feminism takes its insecure first steps, Coco instinctively feels how women can be seduced and attracted by fashion and at the same time can liberate themselves from male domination. She gives and accepts love, but stays single in an era in which love and freedom are still considered to be antipoles. 

Her clever and determined mentality is to be derived from her nickname 'Coco', that she got from a few drunken guys in a theatre in Paris in which she tried to exceed the noisy crowd by singing. Not only does she accepts the cynical nickname given to her, she carries it with proud and builds the most important fashion empire with it.

The movie is full of classic Chanel costumes. It's such a pity that we have to wait for this pearl to reveal itself on April 22nd in French theaters and on May 28th 2009 in Dutch theaters. If you are impatient just as me, take a look on youtube for a short trailer. That might cool the passionate fire.◆


Ryan Taylor


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Male Model Revolution!

A seventeen-year-old fresh face from South East London, Ashley Stymest, better known as Ash, has turned everyone upside down with his bad ass youthful British rebellious punk looks. 

The young restless has been championed by top photographers and the fashion industry's influential people, earning himself a spot next to Josh Beech and Cole Mohr owning the 'Punk' aesthetic. Ash has already graced quite a few covers of big fashion magazines, namely Dazed & Confused, spanish Electric Youth, Japanese Vogue hommes, Another man, Arena Homme plus etc. He is also amongst the very few male models to walk for the Balenciaga spring/summer 2009 show.You guys can enjoy Ash and his mates' 50's style and rock and roll band called: The Mannequins. See below a short interview with Ash taken by allthenewyoungdudes about his band. 

I've seen Ash many times in I-D and various other magazines, but I had never payed close attention to him, until I was literally forced to check out his photo's on the web by my close friend Florentine. I have to admit, he's a good catch. I've heard many people complain that the punk look is overdone, the market is drowning in them and that they're all Josh Beech wannabees. I must say the punk look has been around for decades and there are millions of kids walking around in London and elsewhere carrying these punk looks. It's rather unlikely to have millions of Josh Beech copycats, isn't?