Sunday, 21 June 2009

Ape Jersey Tee

Here you've got Christopher Kane's signature unisex Gorilla, Chimp, Baboon and Mandrill tees for 224 euros from Christopher's first T-shirt line. They're made of silk-jersey. I've seen these around worn out by the fashion industry's favourites. To be quite frankly I don't really like these tees. The enlarged picture of the ever-so-scary animals on the front is just a bit too much. Also the fact that every time I look at the gorilla, it reminds me of Bokito. For those who don't know this gruesome tale here it is:

On 18th of May 2007, Bokito, the gorilla escaped from its residence in the Zoo in Holland, Rotterdam: Blijdorp. He dragged one lady with him who got severely injured. She had been bitten more than a hundred times all over her body by this monster. The lady visited the Zoo four times a week and the frequent eye-contact she made must have lead to this attack they said.

So this is what comes to mind every time I see these but apparently there is great demand for the t-shirts and it looks great on these people in contrary.◆


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