Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Summer Break 13th august - 1 september

Only a day left before I take off to the glorious city of Rome, 'a city so vast and rich in art, monuments and exquisite views.' When describing the city of Rome, words fall short and tongues fall silent. What can you write about this intimidating city? Or should I say what can you not write? I think I'll just have to experience it in person. As all of my friends are heading home from their holiday, I'm going on vacation in the few weeks that are left before school starts. It was all short notice that's why. Unfortunately I won't be posting much during my break. I'll be back on the 1st of september.



Yellow Cab said...

nice photo.
you have a good idea, you won't take a lot of clothes, but you will come back with lot os clothes. make me smile. :]
Have a nice holiday!

Xo, YC.

EJ said...