Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Photos des Vacance en L'italie

These are a few pictures I've taken during my vacation in Italy. I like the last picture, because the fierce skies look so surreal and magnificent. Almost like a painting. This picture was taken shortly before it intensely started raining, lightening and thundering. A flash of bright, fierce blinding light lit the sky every few seconds. And the fact that we were staying on a mountain far away from civilisation made it even more scarier. The cool thing was that from our balcony you could literally touch the clouds which were floating right next to us. I wish I could go back!. Being back in Holland life seems sweet yet darker as I'm a year older and hopefully wiser. I'm so utterly busy with school, which has obviously my first priority but it can get overwhelming at times.

F.S ©


xxalishaaa said...

j'adore Italy!

F.S said...

hello!!!!!:) Who doesn't?