Thursday, 1 April 2010


Parisian air of elegance abounds her as she walks on her altitudinous Pierre Hardy wedges with a beautiful matching half open pink Fendi purse in her tender hand electrifying the crowd. What I find admirable are the vivacious colours of the wedges against the otherwise muted, black palette.

I'm unconsciously drawn to one particular stygian colour season to season which I tend to observe, wear, and breathe in all dark shades. It almost becomes an infatuation. Even though black, a basic necessity in everyone's wardrobe, is my favourite colour to wear, I'd gone a little too far with this seasonal concept becoming black and sinking to the aphotic depths of the ocean where almost no sunlight penetrates years on end. I now realise that there is nothing wrong with a little colour looking on the bright side taking Giovanna as a paragon. As long as I'm not wearing neon colours I should be fine.