Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Les Amours Imaginaires

After reading several good reviews and having heard many recommendations of 'Les Amours Imaginaires', by the young Xavier Dolan I was excited about this movie. My friend, Tamara invited me over to watch this film with a cup of tea.

Xavier narrates the story of two friends, Marie and Francis who both fall obsessively in love. the dangerous kind, with a blonde enchanting deity, Nicolas who they have met at a party. How this love triangle evolves throughout the story and what jealousies, ambiguities and destroying behaviour it ought to bring alive are the product of this love. Nicolas' preferences stay unrevealed and that vague to be left at interpretations of the two in love with him and the viewers. ''Who will he choose?'' Many questions are fired but remain unanswered as Dolan never goes in depth. The emotions lie in the slow-motions (truly captivating and emphasising), the vivid colours and the music but lack its existence in the characters and dialogues. As if the small fire that should have been intensified has blown out just as the imaginary Nicolas disappeared without ever manifesting himself in their lives.


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