Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Exhibition at Photomuseum Rotterdam 2-20 NOV.

Today was the opening of my first exhibition ever at the prestigious 'Fotomuseum' in Rotterdam. It lasts until 20th of November. My special thanks to my tutor and a very dear friend Aya and whole team of The New Harvest and Photomuseum!

''...the Rotterdam-based photographer F.S spent twelve months photographing Rotterdam and its inhabitants. By taking intimate portraits of fashion-conscious youth in Rotterdam, F.S has created a special historical document. F.S casually photographs the people he encounters on the street, and who inspire him. Unlike many other (fashion) street photographers, F.S does not focus exclusively on people’s clothing and appearance. A stylized bit of textile, a snippet of text on a brick street, or autumn leaves in the street: these all form an indispensable part of the portraits that together create an image of Rotterdam, one which is oblivious to most. Amidst the concrete, decay, and construction, F.S depicts a city of elegance, beauty and style.''

Do pay it a visit!


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